*dadding [dad-ing] (infinitive)

to dad [dad] (intransitive)


  1. the act or process of maintaining and/ or advancing the health, safety and happiness of offspring; particularly that which is achieved via wordplay humour, intentional comedic self-harm, the positing of thought provoking deep questions without answer ideally those involving theoretical battles between mismatched members of the animal kingdom, the setting and occasional breaking of arbitrary boundaries such as no croissants on a school day, carrying heavy things such as big, special rocks from the creek and whole watermelons, the demonstration of practical, if imperfect, skills such as tent construction, wood sawing, bicycle maintenance, vermiculture and television tuning, attempting all voices while reading stories including those with foreign accents, feeding two children hot meat pies simultaneously whilst maintaining crust integrity and scalding neither.


Mate, I saw Monty’s egg-salad sandwich costume for the Easter parade. What was that papier-mache? Man, that’s some nice dadding.


Did you see the lunch that Jorge put together for his girls on Tuesday? 6 colours and two types of seaweed! That guy really knows how to dad.

What’s it all about?

My name is Jupiter. I am a full-time dad to our two boys Milo and Monty. This blog is all about our adventures together and the constant, humbling, unsolicited, hilarious lessons those adventures impart.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. When I received this invite I must say I was initially reluctant at the prospect of being coaxed into the online media cosmos. But since in the space you are the Commodore Perry to my Tokugawa, I couldn’t resist and as always, a Juepps blog never disappoints. Good to see you are putting runs on the board big guy, albeit the quick singles. I shall watch this blog religiously as I too join the DDC ranks in Canberra before venturing abroad.

    If I may offer a quick tip from my short DDC stint sans wife: upgrade from NBA Jam to 2k15. That way if you miss the last few minutes of Game 5 due to a Milo fail you can always pick it up again vicariously and embody the Steph Curry revolution.


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