Day Three: Kissed by a girl called Pinky – Tuesday 16 June 2015

Day Three: Kissed by a girl called Pinky – Tuesday 16 June 2015

Last night was the first time I settled Milo in the wee hours by cuddling him nose to nose in the spare bed (sometime around 0130hrs). This is no great achievement, Kuepps has done this most nights for the last 8 months, but last night was the first time he has let me do it. As he was scratching away at my hand with his little pincer fingers to comfort himself it occurred to me that he falls asleep in the exact same way that I do, obnoxiously; thrashing around, constantly changing position, kicking his legs back and forth until suddenly in the blink of an eye he is asleep. Genetics are weird. I can only imagine how unpleasant it must be to share a bed with us both.

Anyway, today was Milo’s exciting debut at Gymbaroo. After his first sleep we loaded up into the car and drove the 20 minutes in the rain to the salubrious local community centre, home of the ‘creepy crawlers’ Gymbaroo. What is Gymbaroo you ask? Well, according to its mission statement Gymbaroo’s aim is to improve the learning potential and health of children, by providing quality services and equipment, along with current information at the leading edge of educational development, in a fun environment for the child, in an understandable manner for the parents, and at an affordable cost.

Essentially it is a combination of boot camp and speed dating for infants, with more dancing. Milo was moderately impressed by his first taste of Gymbaroo which included five other babies and their mothers. It was a motley crew if I am being honest. There was one kid who looks exactly like Lord Varys from Game of Thrones. Not Lord Varys if Lord Varys were a baby, Lord Varys himself – the Spider of King’s Landing! I overheard one of the Gymbaroo organisers tell Varys’ mother that he is an ‘old soul’, a questionable compliment.

But the sparkiest baby of the group is ‘Pinky’ who cut around like she owned the joint. Half way into the ‘Old McDonald owns a restaurant’ song while little Milo was still very much finding his feet she crawled straight over to him and without a hint of introduction smacked a kiss right on his general face area; more an affectionate headbutt than anything, but the intention was clear. Milo was unsure how to respond but kept his cool. His brow furrowed a little and he just stared at her quizzically. This seemed to be sufficient feedback for Pinky who then kissed him twice more. Big day for Milo.

At the conclusion of Gymbaroo Milo predictably fell asleep in the car, so we sat in the carpark for an hour while he got full value before heading upstairs to practise our new skills, lest Milo fall behind and be counted out of Ivy League schools forever. The mountain of cushions we built for him to refine his clambering and balance looked somewhat half-assed when compared against the professionalism of the formal Gymbaroo, but he spent a happy two hours climbing up and down chasing his own socks, distracted every now and then to pursue the cats down his IKEA tunnel; always interested to learn what they were up to, never disappointed that the answer is always the same. Not much.

The practise must have been effective because his dexterity has now improved such that he can open the DVD cupboard. Thanks a lot Gymbaroo.

Oh, also Milo has discovered my meagre chest hair and loves to reach into my shirt absentmindedly to grab a handful for affectionate yet surprisingly painful tugging.

  • Total hours screen printing one-of-a-kind tshirts – 0
  • Total hours researching family tree – 0
  • Total hours refiling old digital photographs – 1
  • Total hours doing tax return – 0
  • Total hours stretching hip flexors – 0.5
  • Podcasts listened to – 1.5

One thought on “Day Three: Kissed by a girl called Pinky – Tuesday 16 June 2015

  1. This is superb. And remarkably difficult to explain to the assembled staffroom when chuckling audibly behind my laptop.


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