Day Fourteen: Blue Bear and White Rabbit – Monday 6 July 2015

Day Fourteen: Blue Bear and White Rabbit – Monday 6 July 2015

To quickly recap Milo’s journey into the freezing abyss that is the Nation’s Capital:

  • It was minus 6 overnight on Friday night and didn’t appear to surge beyond positive 6 all weekend;
  • Milo therefore was dressed only as a blue bear or a white rabbit on rotation, both warm super-flammable, all man-made fibre onesies with ears and paws;
  • Milo was not particularly impressed by his first live rugby experience (largely due to the temperature), and dressed as a white bunny rabbit he did not strike a particularly aggressive or intimidating figure; and,
  • Milo enjoyed time with numerous friends and family; he was particularly enamoured of the toy selection offered by his cousin which perhaps made his makeshift collection of empty rum containers, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes and tennis balls look a little second rate. We may need to address this issue this week.



Milo was up early so his nap came around quickly. Once he awoke Kuepps’ cousin dropped by to take care of him while I headed into town for physio pummeling (Milo related injury, more on this later). After his afternoon nap we played with Milo’s now rather pedestrian looking collection of toys and watched an episode or two of the IT Crowd. I fear Milo may be growing addicted to Moss’ antics and we may need to monitor this situation closely.

FullSizeRender (38)

Milo peering intently at Moss and Roy

Kuepps arrived home to her usual warm, excited Milo welcome. We are however noticing a steady increase in Milo’s infatuation with his mother which quickly renders him a whingey mess if mum even moves slightly out of arm’s reach. Heart warming but logistically difficult for poor Kuepps.

  • Maximum temperature experienced by Milo in Canberra – 6 degrees
  • Favourite toy of the weekend – Bouncy hippo ball eating thing
  • Number of Weet-Bix consumed today (combined Milo and I) – 6

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