Day Sixteen: Snoozin’ – Wednesday 8 July 2015

Day Sixteen: Snoozin’ – Wednesday 8 July 2015

Here are the ways in which our child is the same as our cats:

  • Both prefer to be trouserless;
  • Both enjoy ‘accidentally on purpose’ nudging things underneath the refrigerator;
  • Both enjoy gently poking their toys until they tumble off the landing and down the stairs;
  • Both enjoy carrying soft toys around in their mouths;
  • Both do not enjoy travelling in the car;
  • Both enjoy nibbling on mystery food morsels they find on the ground; and,
  • Both growl at birds that are audacious enough to venture onto our balcony.

Here are the ways in which our child is different to our cats:

  • The cats poo in one predictable spot;
  • The cats self-settle and sleep for hours in a variety of locations;
  • The cats fight to get into the pram;
  • The cats are always dressed warmly enough; and,
  • The cats always land on their feet.

After a delightful morning playing with the Elefun and dad’s shoelaces, including Milo’ first bowl of porridge, Milo had a lovely snooze and awoke refreshed and giggling. Milo chose his bunny rabbit onesie for warmth before we loaded up the pram and hit the streets.

We strolled about 30 minutes down the road, stopping in for a toasted haloumi sandwich to share, before arriving at our local antique wholesaler. After purchasing a nice box for shoe storage we headed back apace as Milo was getting a little antsy in the pram. About 2/3 of the way home I noticed that Milo’s little eyes were getting heavy so I dropped the angle of the seat down one notch and pulled down the cover. This usually precipitates some significant writhing and squirming from the great man followed shortly by some bellowing. Not today. I could not see his eyes because of the low awning but after another block of silent walking I peered underneath to discover a peaceful, sleeping bunny rabbit; and just to add some personal style he had his right paw jutting out the side of the pram. Kazaah! This is the very first time Milo has ever fallen asleep in the pram (post-bassinet days).

FullSizeRender (41)


I was simultaneously excited and concerned as we were mid sleep-cycle, and he/she who messes with the sleep rhythm does so at their peril. After another 15 minutes of walking we were home and shortly after his little eyes edged open. I took the opportunity to whip him upstairs for lunch and then more playtime before a late (short) snooze at 4pm.

Kuepps arrived home just after 6 to a very cheerful boy who even forgot for a couple of minutes that he cannot possibly be out of mum’s arm’s reach of an evening. Milo’s uncle, aunt and two cousins came around for Ashes opening night so Milo was allowed to stay up late, playing with his cousins, chasing capsicum around the floor and being generally charming before mum took him to bed just before the opening ball was delivered.

  • Number of times Milo has fallen asleep in the pram – 1
  • Total minutes playing with Elefun – 10
  • Days until our local wetlands and water reuse scheme opens – 10

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