A sex bike has six wheels

A sex bike has six wheels

This afternoon we explained sex to Milo and Monty. The way the subject came up is one of the most Milo things that has ever happened.

At school today one of his class-mates was delivering a ‘persuasive argument’ as to why a motorbike is better than a quad bike. The conversation progressed naturally among the class until one of his friends offered, by way of support for the counter argument, that she had previously ridden on a quad bike and it was great, although the bike she had ridden had six wheels, not four.

Milo, never able to abide inaccuracy or a missed opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, put up his hand and said technically its six wheels would make it a ‘sex bike’, not a quad bike. Much hilarity ensued. Milo knew he had said something amusing, and so laughed along, but it was not at all clear to him what he was laughing about. Of course upon arriving home he sought clarification from his parents, and here we are.

It is so obvious in hindsight that the numerical prefix for 6 was always going to be the way our eldest child was introduced to sex.

Of course it was.

A Sex Bike

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